A letter to catcallers from girls everywhere

Dear catcallers,

Let me set the scene: rain or shine you’re there, lurking, waiting. It gives me such an ego boost. On one occasion, it was pouring with rain, I was soaked through and resembled a drowned rat, but there you were, ready to make me feel better. You drove up, a chorus of “suck my dick” echoed through the wind, and then, just like a ghost, you sped off.

Another time, I was in a skirt. It was sweltering; I felt like a sweaty disgusting mess. But you were there to cheer me up, you always are. “Show me what’s under that skirt!”, you cried. I looked down at the pavement, too shy to accept your compliment.


One evening, I was walking back home from a night out, cold, drunk and a little bit worse for wear. Don’t worry though, you were there, you slowed down and followed me a bit, shouting various insults. Having the whole car shout at me was an experience I’ll never forget. I can’t tell you how nice it felt to have 4 boys calling me such loving terms like “slag”.

I suppose you’re wondering why I never reply. You take the time to express all of these beautiful feelings and I know how rude it is to not reciprocate your gestures.

My self-worth and self-esteem triples when you shout these endearing phrases at me. It makes me want to know you, to date you. Thanks for consistently making me feel super comfortable and good about myself walking anywhere, alone or with a friend, regardless of what I look like.

Especially to you in the Vauxhall Corsa, who followed me all the way to my door after a night out asking me to “ride you”, will you marry me?

Forever yours,
Every girl everywhere

Words by Eleanor Wagner, image by Isabel Mitchelson.

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