We wanted to celebrate our wonderful artists that beautifully illustrate our articles here at TWSS. Over the next few days and weeks we will be focusing an article on each artist so you can get to know them. We start with Leyla Reynolds…

 Leyla is a third year politics student. She designed the TWSS logo and has illustrated the articles ‘Labour Women in Politics’ and ‘After the One Night Stand’. Watch out for her next illustration on the cover of our print magazine.

How would you describe your artistic style?

Quite eclectic, influenced by everything but I like to keep lines and colours bold and bright and to incorporate text into the imagery. So that’s a bit of a theme.

What was your favourite project with TWSS?

The women in politics sketch because it was such an interesting discussion to portray.

If you could do a portrait of any iconic woman, who would it be?

I don’t feel like who I want to draw always correlates with who I admire. Most of the time it’s someone I find interesting or someone who has done something I find pretty incomprehensible. Drawing is a good way of getting my head round it, getting into character or providing a bit more of an interesting comment.

Saying that, Nicki Minaj would be lol to draw and she’s aight.


Women in British Politics

‘Labour Women in Politics Talk’ illustration


‘After the one night stand’ illustration


That’s What She Said Facebook cover photo



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