On Love: Rae Ferner-Rose

Home invasion

Into my head he comes

to throat infect me

Clot my arteries

Drain my blood

Make yourself some room

don’t mind me

Sitting here

Watching you

I’ll be quiet, a non-imposer

My dry skin and dirty nails

Look past that little grit

if you can

Invade my home

These brittle bones

and stay forever

Artwork by Lara Krause

Breathing Problems

When I’m with you I get breathing problems

She said it’s because you all look the same

in this snow globe

and I’m happily lost in your synthetic wonderland

When I’m with you I get breathing problems

apathetic lungs losing the will to expand

and when you look at me they are painfully still

That kind of ache that never goes away

When I’m with you I have breathing problems

a heavy chest

at the end of long days

and looking up at all your low ceilings covered in stars

And in my monstrous body

under the daylight

and crying on the walk home

Far away from you I have breathing problems.


To be outlived

By the ashes of what you have destroyed

Is a quiet chaos

Let these little tears

Take root in the ashes

I will be remembered

in what remains

Burning you down to the ground

Made the prettiest embers

And when I am gone

I hope you remember

That shade of orange

Like I’m still holding your hand

Time Flies 

Like train wheels and car boots shutting 

With a definite sound

I am stuck in time 

And between sheets 

After tip toes and before better

Left here

Only with the useless knowledge 

That you would have loved this 


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