On Love: “My Translucent Fish” – Yazmin Sadik

Your hands,      breaking that filmy layer,

Pushed towards me

Slippery as balloons against each

Other. When I pushed back      through 

Its blueing eye, I felt no further from you

Hair crackling with salt rocks

You looked all pearly; I could taste them for days. Decorating me with those

Jagged earth-teeth

     And sinking into that country

Leaving a crab-like fossil of my body,

     A filling pool of my body, 

Like your star, now blinking salt

So far away.

Had to leave part of yourself there too.

At night all was turned to milk by the moon

Rising with that chill of      shock-air

My translucent fish 

Swimming headfirst away from us

A whole day in its puckering mouth

Artwork by Lara Krause

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