WNB Disco Collective are Carving out Crucial Queer Spaces in Bristol

TWSS’s online editor, Eve, chats to the co-founder of WNB Disco Collective ahead of their next event in Bristol.

WNB Disco Collective are the founders of Misscoteque, a Bristol based queer party for shes and theys. Aesthetically fantastic and sonically explosive, this party is all about celebration, identity, community and getting your dancing shoes on. Not only are they creating crucial queer spaces, half of all the profits from the first two events were donated to Pride Without Boarders, an initiative ran by Bristol Refugee Rights.

WNB Disco Collective was founded by Bristol-based Amaia (DJ Ammi) and Georgia who are both making a mark on the Bristol music scene. As well as hosting the parties, Georgia recently hopped on the airwaves of Sadsugar’s Noods residency as part of their LGBTQIA+ history month special – you check it out here. DJ Ammi is no stranger to the dance, playing alongside the likes of Riz La Teef, residing on 10:20 radio and popping up at some signature venues such as Cosies and Thekla. DJ Ammi not only has signature vinyl-only sound, but a contagiously lovely soul: both Georgia and DJ Ammi are a breath of fresh air.

I chatted a little more to DJ Ammi about throwing Misscoteque parties below:

What inspired you to start WNB Disco Collective?

Georgia spent most of her third year at university researching lost lesbian spaces in Bristol’s history. She came across a whole universe of underground lesbian discos which were huge in the city back in the 70s, 80s, and 90s but faded away towards the turn of the century. She uncovered some incredibly inspiring stories, but through the process came to mourn the lost spaces and wish they still existed today. She told me all about it when we were drunk on a night out, and from there we decided to do something about it and bring the spaces back ourselves… so we started planning the first Misscoteque!

These spaces are so important and I love your ethos, can you explain a little about why Queer spaces are so special?

It’s easy to forget sometimes that we live in a heteronormative world in which queer people are constantly pushed towards the fringes. Stepping into a queer-dominated space is like travelling to a parallel universe in which we occupy the centre. It’s a pretty beautiful version of reality!

Where do you see the future of WNB Disco Collective?

Right now we’re super happy with how things are going, but one day we’d love to take the concept to other cities, or even countries. Bristol is obviously a pretty queer-friendly city comparatively, and there are plenty other places which need these spaces even more.

What’s your favourite thing about throwing Misscoteque parties?

It’s too difficult to name one thing! It’s amazing to see all the queer folk feel so comfortable, but it’s also so cool to see people who may have previously thought they were straight exploring their sexuality in the space. I also love the way people dress when they’re completely free from the male gaze.

Can you tell me a little about your upcoming party? What kind of things can we expect?

We’ve got some wicked DJs coming down on the 13th who will be switching up the musical vibe slightly compared to the previous events. It’s still going to be super campy, fun, and disco-oriented, but the tempo and bass are getting turned up by a few percent. 

Finally, any releases you’re loving right now or excited to spin at the next event?

The Crystal Waters Rave Yard Mix always goes off. I’ve still got to go out record shopping ahead of the 13th though, so hopefully will find some gems!

The next Misscoteque is happening at Lost Horizon on Sunday 13th May, grab tickets here.

Photos from the Misscoteque parties are used with permission from WNB Disco Collective.

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