Ode to Timothee Chalamet

Cerys Gadsden, TWSS’s social media coordinator, writes an ode to the one and only Timothee Chalamet

Thou art magical and majestic,

Thou art sexy, thou art fit.

O Timmy, how I adore your ways,

Your Greek statue perfectly-carved face,

Black curls that fall down thy forehead, 

O how I wish we could be wed!

I’ll name thy film roles instead…


Elio, my first love; a classical wonder,

Tis thy French and delicate gaze I am fond of,

You strum chords gracefully,

Love impatiently,

I will ignore thy peach

Removed for thy pleasure.


Kyle you suck,

Yet thy bass playing I love much.

Nick, a gentle soul, I do care; 

Especially thy smile and surfer hair.

Paul your moan doth hit different,

Your heroism leaves an imprint.


Finally Laurie, my true love!

Sweet and heavenly, an angel from above–

Why Jo turned you down?

We will ne’er know,

I must confess I wouldn’t dare say no.


O Timmy I love thee,

Thou will always be my free pass,

Thou will always be forever in my heart!


Poem by Cerys Gadsden.

Artwork by Ottile Cullen.


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