Cerys Gadsden shares her latest poem, Nostalgic Noises.

The sound that reminds you of a time, place, person or thing,

Mum’s distant classical orchestra,

And Dad’s sports commentators on radio,

The padding of porcelain paws,

Writing with a fine liner,

Sister’s cackle and conjuring snort,

Clashing of strong, angry antlers,

The song of the keys at the front door,

Crickets humming the evening to night,

The materialistic yet marvellous creak of a pizza box,

City ambiance as we look at life below us,

Brother’s heavy footsteps existing around the house.

Silence of funerals, 

Silence when she dies in the film, 

Silence awaiting a cry,

Silence in the room as you enter,

Silence when I leave the flat.

The early sparrows chirp and the night owls squawk,

Frying anything and everything,

Laughing at my favourite part of the episode,

Keyboard tapping when ideas flood in,

Water running, flowing, waving, drizzling,

Sun beams speaking on my way to town,

Shutting a book as the story ends…

Sounds signal surprise, shock, sadness,

And spontaneous moments in life.

It’s whether you choose to listen

To know the real beauty of what you can see.

Artwork by Amelia Elson.


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