Connection, Growth, and Community – Journeying to Find Self-Worth

Megan Hamill, aka @soulfullyginger, shares the ways she’s learnt to find her worth in an increasingly disconnected world, and invites us to join her journey of self-acceptance.

There is no trauma hierarchy. No personal struggle is more significant than anyone else’s; what is insignificant to you may be the very thing that crumbles someone else. 

I was 11 years old when I was first introduced to trauma; my dad sustained an injury at work that now has him living his life with wheels as legs. What I have experienced emotionally over the past 11 years is very different to what he has – or what my other family members have.

We are all versions of our younger self, with a child inside us longing to be nurtured, supported and loved unconditionally. Counselling was never my forte; therapists seemed to care more about their watch than my words. And so, I took it upon myself to be the person I needed. To take care of my mind, body, and soul. To fight through the barriers of self-neglect, negative self-image, confusion, hopelessness and, at times, darkness. Success is not linear, and neither was the journey that got me into the mindset I now acquire.

In this fast-paced world of snap scores, tweets, and instant messaging, we’re constantly left with a hollowness unfulfilled by a Facebook birthday message, or a ‘tag’ in a friendiversary post. Connection seems to be everywhere, but it is the strength and quality we need. As human beings we have survived this far through living in tribes. Power was not based on your car, net worth, house size, phone type or the name written across your top. Power and strength were based on how strong your tribe was. Love, community, togetherness. Imagine life without your family, your friends? Not possible. 

Social media is pushing us further away from each other by offering us a false sense of connection that leaves us no closer to those we love. I know it sounds rich coming from someone that uses Instagram daily, but here’s the trick. Aimlessly scrolling, procrastinating, ghosting, sending one-word replies, does not set you up for reaching your highest potential. Filtering your feed down to a handful of authentic accounts, that urge you to reach out to friends in the real world, that provide you with your daily dose of reality, that make you feel good, worthy, adequate, and enough as you are right now. That is how you get the best deal when you are trading your attention for an app.

Passionate about helping my followers source their worth from within, rather than through outside validation, drives me forward each day. This week I am launching #Relatable, with Soulfully Ginger, a podcast series designed to make you feel less alone in a disconnected world. With a host of fantastic guests, we talk all things from body positivity to business strategy. We talk the good, the bad and the ugly. Discussing taboo topics, I aim to bring my listeners comfort in the knowledge they are not alone in how they feel. 

Reaching 1.1 million views on a TikTok – following 4 years of sharing my thoughts on my Instagram @soulfullyginger – was beyond satisfying. However, whether my words touch one person or one million, I will never stop. Passion comes from within, and I have a whole lot left to give.

Two years ago I dropped out of university. Lost, broken, disappointed, ashamed. I felt like I had nowhere left to go. No hope, no chance of success, unworthy of happiness. The best thing I did? Picked up a book. When you are left with a choice between residing in a dark hole with no way out, or reading 10 pages of a book each day for a few weeks, reading somehow took lead in harnessing my energy.

The Power of Now, by Eckhart Tolle, is a short book discussing enlightenment, living in the present moment and being aware of the internal monologue we live through each day. From crying on the floor in my bathroom to living alone in Venice, it is safe to say this book taught me how to feel fear… but do it anyway. The Chimp Paradox, by Professor Steve Peters discusses the power of our mind, our thoughts, actions, and outward projections. Equipped with the knowledge of how our brain works when we have the urge to bite back, to snap at a sibling or be impatient with our parents is fascinating. It explores redirecting the blood flow to our more human brain, to react to people in less of an act of defence, and more of love. Ego gets in the way of forming relationships, of making lasting memories and genuine happiness. We have the power to change ourselves – the theory of neuroplasticity proves this.

However, I am aware of the ease at which I speak to you. I sit here, a privileged white female, in the comfort of my home, typing on a piece of technology not everyone has the luxury of owning. Not everyone has a support network, a mother that holds you as you sob tears of emptiness, a sister that reassures you there is light beyond this pit of darkness, or friends that stick by your side even when you fail to reciprocate their love. 

I use my platform to support you, lift you up and offer a hand of hope when you might need it. 

@soulfullyginger is a place you can find support, authenticity, safety in the knowledge you are not alone in how you feel, because sometimes that is enough. @soulfullyginger is a place for all. We are all navigating through this big blob called life, so why not do it together?

See you there.

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