BHM Biographies: Harriet Tubman

To kick off our Black History Month mini biography series, Verity Germon shares the life and achievements of the incredible Harriet Tubman.

Harriet Tubman’s name is one that really is not spoken about enough… She was a real badass!

Harriet was born in 1822 and against all odds lived an incredible life. Harriet was born into slavery but managed to escape, and she did not stop there. Harriet was a significant member of the underground railroad and risked her life numerous times to free other enslaved people. She completed thirteen missions and saved 70 people from enslavement; this was extremely dangerous, and she could’ve been recaptured or killed easily during these missions. However, Harriet was smart and brave and was not about to let her family and friends be unjustly imprisoned whilst she had any kind of power to help them. Due to her unmatched bravery and her commitment to freeing as many enslaved people as possible Tubman was given the nickname ‘Moses’.

Later in life Tubman served as scout, nurse and spy for the union army during the American civil war. Tubman led an armed raid on the Combahee river and helped to free 750 enslaved people. She also was a fierce supporter of the women’s suffrage movement.

Tubman was the ultimate freedom fighter and role model. Everyone should know her name.

To find out more about her a highly recommend the film ‘Harriet’ (2019).

Artwork by Tessa Grimshaw.


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