Personality Purgatory

Lucy Cooksedge examines the personal struggle of being caught in between youth and adulthood.

it’s hard to know who you are 
when you no longer Wish Beg Headspin Stars
to shrink til you’ve shrunk to no more.
spiralised pride or shame more like regret
Nobody prepares you for it:

some maple syrup sticky limbo
can’t quite let go
ecstatic survivor who told them so!
but this isn’t Bliss Ball Heaven yet

there’s no more to prove
just a lot to do
I have to navigate around my own head

I am not that brittle liquidised girl.
no more freezing cold in a monosaturated world.

this life is once more mine-
sometimes it’s stunning, mostly it’s fine

and there is so much more space to occupy.

Artwork by Lucy Ford.

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