The Best Quarantine Art Challenges on Social Media

Mia Vines Booth shares some creative challenges to help us stay arty during quarantine.

As many of us brace ourselves for our third week of quarantine, artists, illustrators and curators alike are turning to social media to ensure we can stay creative from home. Many of us may feel anxious, restless or may simply want a creative outlet but are feeling penned in at home and these artists are offering to help.

Getting creative is not only a great way of letting off steam indoors, but also perhaps for realising that there is more than meets the eye to whatever the view may be from outside your window. On top of this, quarantine art clubs on social media have brought back what is really important about art – that it is for everyone, no matter what your age, where you live, or what materials you may have. There are always ways to be creative. 

There are a lot of challenges to choose from – some accounts are selecting winners, whilst others are designed to give fun prompts for open-ended tasks. 

Below is a selection from some accounts that I have found particularly enjoyable and stress-releasing during this lockdown period. 

Carson Ellis

Children’s book illustrator and artist Carson Ellis has launched a daily Quarantine Art Club Assignment with themes running from ‘Home’ to ‘Memorable dreams’ to ‘Who do you love’. She also offers loads of advice with each challenge, guiding and challenging her followers to think outside the box and get creative.


Illustrator and designer Sarah Beth Morgan set up the #DRAWINGFROMADISTANCE hashtag in March to “shine some light during this trying time and encourage social distancing” whilst also helping those coping with anxiety during quarantine. Some of the challenges include ‘Quarantine cuisine’, ‘favourite book fan art’, a ‘new hobby’ and ‘an unexpected benefit of lockdown’. Plus, be sure to follow her page for aesthetically pleasing animated illustrations that will bring tidbits of joy to your feed.

Noel Fielding

Comedian Noel Fielding has launched a great Instagram initiative to help kids who may be struggling to stay busy during quarantine. However, that hasn’t stopped it from attracting young and old alike. His engaging challenges have created an environment where anything goes. Every few days he encourages thousands of kids to get creative from a theme. Whilst he usually reserves the winner for kids, the themes are just as fun to have a go at with your family at home. 

Grayson Perry

The wonderful Grayson Perry will grace our screens with another interactive project to take part in during lockdown. Art Club on Channel 4 will feature Perry and other artists discussing all things art, and also images from the general public of their quarantine creations. Each week is a different theme and the show will air on April 16th. 

Good Day Club

Good Day Club is a creative platform supporting budding artists and selling artists’ merchandise. They are based in Brighton but have quickly grown to gain a large social media presence on Instagram. Their support of quirky and fun illustrators has only increased their following during lockdown and has led to many taking up their daily art challenges. Their prompts are simple but are sure to allow anyone to take part. Send your artwork through direct message and you may be featured in their stories. This aside, the submissions they repost will be sure to keep you interested and uplifted.

Illustoria Mag

Illustoria mag is a creative magazine for ‘kids and their grownups’. Described as a ‘visual feast’ by the New York Times, their Instagram page is just as appetising. Adopting a slightly different approach, Illustoria have been sharing easy DIYs from past and upcoming issues of their magazine. Whilst some of them require a little more material than others, they are perfect for an afternoon with the family. 

If you’re looking for a more one-off quarantine art activity, some artists such as Kelly Anne (@kellyannelondon) are offering up their works on social media for your own creative spin. Her figurative paintings and murals are bold and confident and stand out for their empowering messages.

Keep safe, and keep creating.


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