Merry TWSS’mas!

Some festive messages from the TWSS team this Christmas…


Make sure you spend plenty of time catching up on much needed rest this Christmas, whether that’s lounging on the sofa with a good book or catching up with school friends over a pint or two. Remember, your productivity doesn’t define your worth and the more you decompress now, the more energy you can put into 2020. 

As well as looking after yourself, reconnect with your family, especially if you haven’t seen them for a while. Just try not to bring up Boris Johnson with any Tory voters round the dinner table… 


Ah, the festive period… a time to see friends, be merry and ignore your Seasonal Affective Disorder for as long as you can. No but seriously, those five weird days between Christmas and New Year get me down every year – but no more! I am going to tackle the strange, transient feeling of nothingness that usually takes hold during that time by getting shit done. Whether it be reconnecting with old friends and family members, enjoying a Netflix season I’ve been meaning to watch all year, or just catching up on some non-uni related reading, I refuse to be enveloped by my dressing gown for five days in a row once again; let’s stay positive during this festive period, even as it draws to a close!


Merry Christ(twss)mas to everyone! But especially to people who, like me, don’t actually celebrate Christmas! Other than spending time with family, consuming about 10x the recommended daily intake of calories, and minimal movement to the point where your fitbit glitches from the lack of steps you’ve done that day, Christmas probably doesn’t mean as much to us as it does to a lot of people around us. But I’m going to make an effort in the last few days of December to reflect on my 2019, plan all the big things I’m going to do in 2020, and spend time with my friends and fam. I encourage y’all to do the same!! In the words of Rickey Thompson, ‘we’re not getting sad, we’re getting glad in 2020 baby’.


The holidays tend to demand big family get-togethers. Whatever your family looks like, the pressure to spend time in their company isn’t always too easy to handle. Whether it’s the constant barrage of questions about your future, or navigating family tensions, this time of year might have you already wishing on 2020. Whilst I still haven’t figured out how to sail through Christmas unscathed, wherever you can – choose self-preservation. If that’s turning the other cheek to an unwelcome comment, or escaping for some alone time – make sure you give yourself respite. If anyone wants to join me, I’ll be watching the Gavin and Stacey Christmas special – the greatest gift this holiday can give us. As Santa Ness might say – Tidings x

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