Grub: A Poem by Hope McDonald

A poem by Hope McDonald for TWSS Issue #16, ‘Crossing the Border’. 

Rip a hunk of flesh from this
Thumb, emaciated turgid pink
Encased. Devouring myself over and over,
Until sticky starlight
Winks through my throat, bitter.
Betwixt me and between you
I wait, over pasta and bread
Offering myself amidst flour
Broken cheese in flight
Until the task of reduction is forgotten, just
For a second at the threshold.
Falling, slipping back into
Retreat – what are girls if not
One another, lover and lover,
Entwined creases scattered
On the same knuckle, us both in
Hunger’s hand. Palm open
Uncut, uncupped flickers of
Fearful burnt skin, before
The passing over of the earth
On its axis, into replenishment. Once, Twice,
Thrice each day
Until I am made new
With consuming and consummation.

grub poem

Illustration by Rivka Cocker. 


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