Poems by Anjum Nahar: Vignettes

Poems from TWSS issue 15 on the theme of ‘familiarity.’ 




The ends of my trousers were wet and sad when I got to your flat.

I peeled them off and buried myself in your duvet.

You got in next to me and we were like a two-pack of plums.

Very ripe but not quite ready for sale yet.


Your auntie called and you started crying.

The rain outside stopped knowing it was your turn.

It stayed silent so that we could talk for hours that night.

I stayed in my knickers and didn’t put my trousers back on.





I pulled on your puffy coat and you opted for big sunnies and fur.

A marshmallow linked arms with a Hollywood starlet

And they strolled down to Stokes Croft.


In juice glasses at the cafe,

Segments of orange and chunks of ice bobbed like they were high.

I took a sip and the foam on my mocha buzzed.

Our drinks were continuing last night’s party

But without the techno music.





You were a thrifty purple fairy last Halloween.

Glitter all over your face and a charity shop wig.

I attempted a playboy bunny.


No space in the bed, we slept on top of each other.

Entangled arms and legs — you couldn’t tell

Where the fairy ended and the bunny started.


I took big sniffs of your perfume that night.

One too many spritzes of CK One, I reckon now.

And in the morning I woke up smelling of you.





Skincare shopping was on the agenda that day.

You were recommending tiny little bottles of things.

Something in Space NK compelled you

To tell me your biggest family secret.

I listened whilst contemplating buying an eye cream.



Nia illustrations banner.jpeg


Illustrations by Nia Jones.


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