Alternative Sex Education with Bristol Speak Out

This week we are teaming up with Bristol Speak Out to bring you a week of Alternative Sex Education. To get involved, start by tweeting any examples of shocking or laughable sex education you have been given to @TWSSmagazine.

From Bristol Speak Out:

Sex and Relationships Education (SRE) has yet to be made a compulsory feature of the UK education system, with 43 per cent of young people reporting that they were never given any relationships education at school, and the remaining 57% often receiving patchy information.

Indeed, young adults commonly report failings in the education they received, from failures to represent LGBT+ relationships, to the bypassing of discussions around what constitutes a healthy relationship. Dialogue around sexual pleasure is often omitted and conversations around consent are without nuance, often failing to address the issue beyond a “yes/no” dichotomy.

Speak Out is an alternative Sex-Ed series, that seeks to encourage dialogue around SRE and sexual violence, championing an enthusiastic consent model, and encouraging students to control the narrative and reclaim their experiences.

Photographic and written submissions are encouraged around any issues relating to consent, sex, sexuality and relationships. Join the narrative at:

Get involved by having your picture taken on campus, upload a selfie with #speakout or send it to to be shared online.

Bristol Speak Out

Photo and summary by Chloë Maughan

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