INTRODUCING: Billie Gavurin

The last in our series of illustrator profiles. Find out more about the fabulous Billie Gavurin. 

Billie is a third year English and classical studies student. In her spare time, she enjoys dismantling the patriarchy and writing sonnets for her cat. She created the first illustration for our website of Margaret Atwood.

Why did you want to get involved with TWSS?

I’ve always spent a lot of time drawing and liked the idea of putting it towards a cause I feel passionate about.

What’s been your favourite project?

I particularly enjoyed doing the portrait of Margaret Atwood for a piece on her writing, partly because she has an amazing cloud of hair that is very fun to draw!

If you could do a portrait of any iconic woman who would it be?

I would probably choose Angela Carter, as I absolutely love her writing, especially her inversions of traditional fairy tales and the joyful message of Wise Children. The fact that we can claim her as a Bristol grad is also a plus!

margaretwomen in literature



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