4 cool and groovy steps to loving your body hair

Whether you prefer to wax, shave, epilate, bleach or do absolutely nothing with your hair, the choice you make doesn’t determine your feminist identity. You can easily be the baldest gal in town and simultaneously dismantle the patriarchy. Yet you can let those bad boys grow and exhibit a bushy bonanza and still be a self-declared, stereotype-fighting feminist.

Whatever you decide, you should love your natural body unconditionally. So here are four fantastic ways to keep that positivity real and strong:

  1. On a daily basis, stroke each of your arm hairs one by one and tell it you love it. Repeat with leg hair and/or pubes.
  2. If you meet any individual who has a problem with your hair or tells you it’s unpleasant, shave ‘fuck you’ into your arm hair for the next time you see them. Show them by explicitly pointing to it. Smile politely.
  3. Have no shame if getting a Hollywood wax. Shake the waxing lady’s hand vigorously upon entering the salon. When shown to the waxing room, sit down and lift both legs in the air. Point to your pubes and say ‘the usual, my good woman.’ High-five the next person waiting for their appointment.
  4. Carry round a self-portrait by Frida Kahlo for those good eyebrow vibes. Kiss image frequently as a sign of respect.

Article by Jessica Baxter

Illustration by Clara Vlessing

One thought on “4 cool and groovy steps to loving your body hair

  1. Ha, love this. Growing my armpit hair at the mo and trying to train myself to like it. Will maybe dye pink/ purple…? And stroke lovingly each day.


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