What Women Think About Casual Sexism

Joy Molan shares her new favourite Instagram account, Feminist Thought Bubble.

The bio of Molly Williams’ Instagram account reads, ‘I’m Molly, I’m 20, and I draw women who don’t buy into your casual sexist BS’. Her posts are hand drawn illustrations of women accompanied by inspiring, though-provoking and kick-ass feminist thought bubbles.  pic Student at Yale University and illustrator on the side, Williams’ drawings of real and fictional women challenge a wide range of sexist issues women face in their day to day lives. Topics explored so far include: equal pay, intersectionality, reproductive rights, consent and gender identity. 11745578_10200765610858651_154803038210875553_n Through her drawings, Molly Williams’ hopes to raise awareness of “the micro- and macro-aggressions” she witnesses and experiences. In a recent interview with HuffPost Women, Williams explained that “most people who argue that women do not experience oppression have never taken the time to actually listen to diverse groups of women describe their experiences and feelings”. 10996237_10200765562697447_794177559764189577_n Williams hopes that her account will allow people “to gain a new perspective” on a variety of feminist issues and says that, despite the political nature of her drawings, “like most art, they are also personal”.

To see all Molly Williams’ fantastic feminist drawings, visit: https://instagram.com/feministthoughtbubble/

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