Your TWSS 2020/2021 Team!

Matilda Blake: Senior Editor

I’m Matilda, a senior editor at TWSS! I like big books and I cannot lie (5’10” because apparently that matters). She/her.

Kim Singh-Sall: Senior Editor

I’m Kim, one of the senior editors for TWSS! Also an Aquarius and a top-tier (Yorkshire) tea maker. She/her.

Eliot Lambert: Arts Editor

Hey I’m Eliot and I’m one of the arts editors which means I get to put the print magazine together and commission all the lovely artwork that you make. She/her.

Millie Elson: Arts Editor

I’m Amelia and I’m one of the arts editors working with Eliot to put together the print magazine and commission art for the online mag! CEO of collaging to ignore uni work, drinking too much coffee and telling people I found myself on my gap year when drunk. She/her.

Rachel Carr: Online Editor

I’m Rachel and I’m the online editor for TWSS, which means I manage the website so we can share our wonderful content with you all! I love history and fiction, and my main personality trait is being half French. She/her.

Laura Cook: Treasurer

I am Laura and I am the treasurer for That’s What She Said! I manage the finances for the magazine to ensure that we can continue sharing the magic of TWSS. Mostly I like to write about body politics, sex and mental health. She/her.

Eve Atkins: Events Coordinator

I’m Eve and of the Events Coordinators! My main hobbies are doing a very good Welsh accent and disassembling the patriarchy. She/her.

Frankie Granger: Events Coordinator

I’m Frankie, one of the Events Coordinators! Which this year (thank you Ms Rona) means trying to find ways to celebrate feminism socially-distance style. Main passions include charity shops, amateur arts and crafts, and chickpeas. She/her.

Verity Germon: Features Editor and Communications

Hi! I’m Verity, I am the features editor and am also in charge of communications. I mainly like to drink tea, shop and rant about the importance of feminism! She/her.

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